Hello, welcome to my awesome blog about dubstep!  I am Marcus and I am a dubstep maker.  I started out DJing about six or seven years ago and recently started making dubstep.  I thought this genre of music was interesting and forces the creative juices to pump through my veins.  Truth is, dubstep climbing up the charts and can soon take over the music industry.

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With popular music constantly going in and out of style, dubstep will be the next big thing.  The next generation of music listeners will prefer dubstep above everything else, just as the younger generation today prefers hip hop over classic rock.  But this isn’t what I’m here to talk about now… I am here to talk about what you need to make sick beats, and it all starts with the right dubstep software.

            So what is the right software?  Well there are tons of options out there and I’ve explored  a few over the past year or so, but the only thing that I feel has it all is DUBturbo.  DUBturbo makes creating dubstep, or any sort of beat, quick and easy.  I will post some screen shots of the real software below so you get the idea of the layout.


I feel that in order to be a legit dubstep artist, this is one of the necessary steps in the right direction.  For me, it was very frustrating trying to piece everything together in the beginning, and it was discouraging.  Lucky for me I was about to find DUBturbo to ease the pain and make dubstep the most enjoyable thing ever.  My guess is you are looking for something to do that too.  You’re probably doing some research on dubstep software and are looking for the one that’s got it all, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s right here.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on all the bits and pieces to make you “better”, you can find everything you need with DUBturbo all for under $50.  It is very affordable and very effective.  Hopefully you checked out the site from the link I posted above.  You can also check out my other blog, http://dubstepcreator.org.

Below are some screen shots of what you can get from the actual product.  I hope this will help you out with your decision and give you more information.  All I want to do is create as many dubstep artists as I can.  Because the more people out there creating dubstep music means the more quality songs we can all pump through our speakers one day.

Music is what makes the world go round.  Think about it, how often do you listen to music?  It doesn’t have to be dubstep, it can be any genre.  It’s probably a lot right?  Where would we be without music?  Making dubstep doesn’t require learning any instrument, so if you are looking to contribute to the world of music, all you need is this beat maker and you’re set.  Check it out.


I hope you checked out the dubstep software I’m showing you, because that is going to be the majority of what I am going to talk about.  DUBturbo is what I rely on and what I 100% recommend to anyone who wants to make music or be a dubstep maker.  I even encourage you, even if you have no skills and no equipment to try this out.  It can be learned very quickly, and it is very affordable.  My goal is to get as much good music out there as possible and share the love. 


If you have no instrumental skills, that does not matter at all.  Make a beat maker your first instrument and see how much fun it is.  Get creative, because DUBturbo allows endless possibilities.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost track of time remixing my favorite song into a dubstep version.  I’ve been inspired by Skrillex to remix songs into dubstep form.  I’ll post some videos below of some sweet Skrillex songs so you can see what I mean.  You can also make music just like Skrillex!


But don’t you need very expensive equipment?  Well having the right equipment is a luxury not a necessity.  I have my own equipment, but that’s also because I DJ for a living, but I find myself doing over 90% of my work on the computer with the aid of DUBturbo.  I would consider myself a skilled dubstep artist and I know that anyone can get to the level I am and even the level of celebrity dubstep artists.


I’ll post the videos below of what I mean when I talk about remixing songs into a dubstep version.  They are not me, but hopefully in the next site I make I’ll have some videos of me making dubstep.  Down below are videos of Skrillex, who is probably the most well known dubstep maker right now.  Just think, what if you decided to get this, practiced, made your own dubstep remixes, and made a career out of it.  Making money to make music is living the dream!



Here is one example of a professional remixing an already famous song and making it his own.  Skrillex could possible the best in the world at doing this.  I will post some more videos below.


Another example of Skrillex getting creative by remixing Kesha’s song.


Here is the last example of dubstep remix music for this post.  I hope this inspired you to remix songs, because after you get that process down, it makes producing easier for you in the future when you invent your own music.  Have fun!


          Let’s dig a little deeper into this dubstep making process.  Let’s take a look at what people across the internet feel is the best dubstep music.  Here is a list of who people think (I don’t completely agree with this list) are the top ten dubstep artists.

1.  Digital Mystikz
2.  Skream
3.  Kromestar
4.  Mala
5.  Coki
6.  Burial
7.  Jack Sparrow
8.  Loefah
9.  Joker

What you can do with this list to learn more about dubstep is take these names and type them into google or youtube.  Listen to their music and see how many different types of beats there are and how diverse this genre is.  Then what you can do is decide how you want to make your songs and what sounds to use.  What describes you in a song but also makes it appealing to your listeners?  These are a couple things to ask yourself as you create dubstep songs.

Half the art of creating successful dubstep music is knowing what your audience wants to hear and giving it to them. 

            Check out some music down below


This song is an example of a slower dubstep song that is really just relaxing and soothes you.  Sometimes I listen to this song before I go to bed just because it has that relaxing feel to it.  If you want to create calm and relaxing music, this is a great example to follow.



Here is an example that is not too slow but not to crazy.  It is stuck somewhere in the middle and personally I don’t really like this kind because there is nothing really special about it, it just has all the basics and when I make dubstep, I like to get creative.



Now here is a song with a little bit of a faster beat and has some really cool sounds spread out through it.  I like this kind of dubstep to get me pumped up for shows.   This type is really fun to create and listen to; my favorite variation is in the next video.



This is my favorite kind of dubstep!  Remixing songs already made famous (like Rock That Body by Black Eyed Peas) and making them your own.  That’s what being a dubstep maker is all about isn’t it?  Making your music YOURS is key!  This is why I love listening to Skrillex so much, they have so many  remixes and it inspires me to keep getting better and better.


I hope you enjoyed my blog and learning about the different styles of dubstep music and I hope you will try out the DUBturbo dusbtep software and start making beats of your own.  Peace out

After you mastered the art of making this music, it is time to make you a well-known dubstep maker. How do you do that? Start giving away your music! Make some mixtapes of your work (it doesn’t have to be professional), but start getting your sounds out into the world.


The more people who hear your music, the more fans you have, the more fans you have, the easier it will be to get recognized by big name labeling companies. Volunteer to DJ certain events around your neighborhood and thrown in some of your own beats. Ask your audience if they liked you original stuff. The key is interacting with your audience and giving them what they want.


Think about your favorite band or dubstep artist. Why are they your favorite? How does their music capture your attention? Now take that same feeling as if you were a fan of you, thinking about you. What do they want? What do they expect? This may seem like a lot but it is essential for any dubstep maker. I don’t care how good your dubstep software is, relating to your audience will make your name bigger.


So after you made your music and talked with people about it, what do you do next? You keep making beats and keep playing shows and eventually if you’re legit, you’ll be discovered.


Do you think big names in dubstep like Skrillex and Bassnectar started out as stars right away? No chance, they all had their humble beginnings. There is no way around it, but if you are good, you will be noticed. I urge you to try this like I am. Imagine every day getting paid to produce the music you love! It wouldn’t even feel like a job. It would be like getting paid to have fun!

History of Dubstep

Today, there are many different dubstep artists each with their own preferred dubstep maker, but it wasn’t always like this…Dubstep is a new genre of music, in fact it is barely 10 years old.  It was first heard in the late 1990s.  Let’s look at a brief breakdown of the history of dubstep.




In 1999 the first sounds of dubstep were heard in a club named Forward>> in London, England.  This is wear producers like Skream, D1, and Benga all made regular appearances.  Today Skream is one of the most well-known dubstep creators.  Forward>> also ran a radio show called Rinse FM, which is still popular today.

Another important part of dubstep history is the shop in South London called Big Apple Records.  This was the first shop to start selling dubstep and the well-known Digital Mystikz were frequent visitors here.


Rinse FM


Throughout 2003 DJ Hatcha brought dubstep further into Rinse FM and into his sets at Forward>> now giving this genre of music a firm foundation.  At the end of 2003 an event called Filthy Dub sparked the careers for artists such as Skream, Benga, N Type, Walsh, Chef, and Digital Mystikz.

Digital Mystikz went on to create DMZ Records and showcased artists every month where up to 600 people would attend.  During this time period there were other terms for dubstep such as grime, sublow, 8-bar, and eskibeat.



In summer of 2005 Forward>> kept pushing for dubstep and built off of Skream’s success from “Midnight Request Line.”  Soon there was a compilation of all the best dubstep music called “Warrior Dubs.”

During this time period dubstep spread over to America and started by making its way into the nightclub of big cities.  As a result, techno artists started adding in the dubstep element to their music.




Today dubstep is very widespread and has many variations.  Skrillex took it to the next level by remixing already made famous songs into a dubstep form.  Dubstep produced today is much different from that of 1999.  The cool thing is the founders of this genre are still around today competing with today’s new faces.

Imagine being able to join this amazing timeline and have your name next to Skream, Digital Mystikz, and Skrillex.  It is a dream to aim for and the opportunity is still open.  Dubstep is still expanding and there is a lot of room for new DJs to fill.

Anyone can become a dubstep maker.  Anyone can be the next big hit on the charts.  All you need is determination and dedication.  Be determined to do it right and be dedicated to stick with it and you will be successful.  Will you have your name in lights someday?

Learn more about the history of dubstep.



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